About Me


FACT: this photo is severely outdated

Hi! I’m Marta, a clumsy sewist addicted to the making of generally bright, modern, happy-looking stuff. I’ll sew anything, but quilts are my truest love. The addiction began in 2010 when a good friend taught me how to piece a quilt block via Skype. I ran with it, and immediately began devouring books and blogs to help me become the master quilter of the universe. I’m here because I love taking pictures and thought a blog would be a fun, colorful way to document my sewing projects. Little did I know how many amazing artists I would meet as a result.

Welcome to my little sewing scrapbook!

Some non-quilting tidbits:  I love to laugh. I love spending time with my exceptionally delightful hubby and two stepsons. I love my home state of Colorado. I love dogs. I’m an avid reader (and occasional writer) and hold an English degree from the University of Denver.  If I won the lottery tomorrow I would drop everything, enroll back in college, and be a student forever.

If you’d like to know more, just ask!  In the meantime, I’ll keep sewing and taking pictures. It’s likely these pictures will sometimes feature my fur balls, Zeppy and Layla, who never fail to entertain.  Aren’t they so sweet and beautiful?



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