So in love in 2016

I’m so in love.

Fibs and Fables bundle and Everyday Style book

Although 2015 was marked by my happiest ever life moment–my best friend asking me to MARRY his dreamboat self–that’s not the love I’m here to gush over (though I could do so, at length, until you all puke. Let me know if that’s something you’re interested in). What I’m really smitten and gaga and cross-eyed in LOVE with is the fabric with which I’m starting my first quilt project of 2016. My heart belongs to Fibs and Fables by Anna Maria Horner (okay, and to my LaMar)!

Fibs and Fables strips

A half-yard bundle of Fibs and Fables was included in my Christmas gifts this year (alongside a copy of Lotta’s new book). And before my belly had even digested our holiday feasts, I got busy planning the quilt for our “marriage bed” (heh) that I would make with my new fabric. I love combining simple, neutral (usually white) bedding with colorful patchwork.

For this quilt, I knew I wanted bigger blocks, with a striking, somewhat traditional-looking pattern that would beautifully juxtapose these more modern, saturated prints. So I chose my sweet buddy Amy’s Potluck pattern from her uplifting book, For Keeps. I believe it will be perfect.

For Keeps (book by Amy Gibson)

Potluck quilt pattern from For Keeps book

Side note: remember my sewing table? It’s in here! In a section about useful tools.

The quilt in the book is a 3-block by 3-block version with sashing (the blocks finish at 15 inches). I’m making a 5×5 version without sashing so I had to spend a little time recalculating my fabric and cutting requirements.

I’ve already cut out all my pieces and arranged swatches to pick which prints to use for each block. It may look random, but there is precision, rhyme, and reason in this fabric-picking! I had my little system, which I can talk about in a later post.

Fibs and Fables quilt block pieces

Fibs and Fables swatches

ARE THESE NOT THE YUMMIEST SCRAPS IN EXISTENCE?? A half-yard bundle is plenty for a super-sized version of this quilt. I even have enough for a 30-block (5×6 layout) version.

Fibs and Fables strips

Fibs and Fables scraps

Next time I stop by here I’d like to share some heartfelt thoughts on the process of creating with fabric that comes from true art and intention. It’s a bewitching experience and I can’t wait to put those thoughts down.

Happy New Year! It’s going to be beautiful.

Colorfully restocked Etsy shop

You’ll notice a new (or, rather, re-emerged) button in my sidebar–the one for my Etsy shop!  That’s because I’ve just restocked it with a bunch of colorful scrap bundles.  I charge $1.25/ounce (a yard of fabric weighs about 5.25 ounces, so it prices out to about $6.60/yard).  Take a look if you’re interested and have a GREAT week!

Neglected, not forgotten

Happy late 4th of July!  I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday.  I’m popping in to say hello and share some projects I photographed but never blogged about.  Though I neglected to share them when they were freshly done, at least they’re new to my blog!

Housewarming mini quilt for my BFF:

from Marta with Love - housewarming mini quiltfrom Marta with Love - housewarming mini quilt Girly zip pouch for my ma:

from Marta with Love - girly zip pouch

from Marta with Love - girly zip pouch Manly(ish) zip pouch for my pa (for “electronic stuff”):

from Marta with Love - manly(ish) zip pouch

from Marta with Love - manly(ish) zip pouch

Kindle cover for Hope, my colleague and friend:

from Marta with Love - kindle cover Some pretty fabric:

from Marta with Love - pretty fabric

And, finally, some well-behaved dogs frolicking in the water
(does this look like it’s about to get bad?):

from Marta with Love - water dogs

Till next time!

Newly stocked Etsy shop

Just a quick post to let you know I’ve opened (or, rather, stocked for the first time) my Etsy shop and have added a few listings for scrap bundles!

Scrap Bundles | from Marta with Love

I’ll also be adding a couple neutral bundles in the next few days so if you’re interested leave me a comment and I’ll e-mail you once I’ve listed them.  You can be sure they’ll have plenty of yarn-dyed Essex.  ;)

Happy Friday!