Neglected, not forgotten

Happy late 4th of July!  I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday.  I’m popping in to say hello and share some projects I photographed but never blogged about.  Though I neglected to share them when they were freshly done, at least they’re new to my blog!

Housewarming mini quilt for my BFF:

from Marta with Love - housewarming mini quiltfrom Marta with Love - housewarming mini quilt Girly zip pouch for my ma:

from Marta with Love - girly zip pouch

from Marta with Love - girly zip pouch Manly(ish) zip pouch for my pa (for “electronic stuff”):

from Marta with Love - manly(ish) zip pouch

from Marta with Love - manly(ish) zip pouch

Kindle cover for Hope, my colleague and friend:

from Marta with Love - kindle cover Some pretty fabric:

from Marta with Love - pretty fabric

And, finally, some well-behaved dogs frolicking in the water
(does this look like it’s about to get bad?):

from Marta with Love - water dogs

Till next time!

Chevron Arrows Quilt {A Free Pattern}

Friends, I have designed a quilt pattern for Camelot Fabrics!  It’s called Chevron Arrows and you can snag it here for free.  I haven’t had time to sew it up yet but it’s definitely next on my list–I *love* it.  And I love Camelot Fabrics–so happy and modern.

Chevron Arrows Quilt

This pattern started out as a design for the back of my pixelated heart quilt (Instagram-quality sneak peak below) and eventually turned into its own quilt when Camelot e-mailed the same day wondering if I’d like to design a pattern for them–perfect timing!  And I think the design is even better as its own quilt rather than just a backing.

So about this pixelated heart: any ideas on how to quilt it?  I’m thinking some straight-line quilting would be pretty awesome but would love some thoughts and ideas…

Pixelated Heart

Pixelated Heart WIP

Have a great week!

First Post of 2014

Hi!  I’ve been gone a while. But have some pretty projects and an “update” post brewing. Before we get to that, though, I have a plea:

The Vail Ski Challenge is an event presented by Vail Resorts during ski season here in Colorado to raise awareness and resources for Colorado charities.  The challenge (now in its 3rd year) gives an opportunity for each participating charity to win $250,000.

Please lend your vote to Children’s Hospital Colorado (Team Reidy)!  They WON last year thanks to the generosity of many who took a second to vote for them on Facebook.  Let’s do it again this year!  Every vote really really really does makes a difference.

Click on the photo below to go to the Facebook page
where you can place your vote for Children’s

Vail Ski Challenge 2014 - vote for Children's

Thanks and see you soon!