A whimsical quilt finish

I have finished a quilt (← NOT an April Fools joke).  I gave details and showed a sneak peak of the quilting previously, and now it’s done!  Glee!

Baby Whimsy Quilt - from Marta with Love

I’m not great at coming up with creative names for quilts, so help me out. In the meantime, since the main fabric collection in it is Modern Whimsy, I’m calling it Baby Whimsy.  Simple.

Baby Whimsy Quilt - from Marta with Love

I got fancy with this one and hand stitched the binding. Usually I’m impatient and machine stitch it because I am so close to finishing and want to wash and snuggle the quilt likeNOW, but after this one, I’ve resolved to finish more bindings by hand. It is soothing and gives the quilt a special touch. It’s worth the extra time (even if you unintentionally attach the binding in such a way as to land seams on not one but TWO corners).

Baby Whimsy Quilt - from Marta with Love

Baby Whimsy Quilt (back) - from Marta with Love

Baby Whimsy Quilt - from Marta with Love

Baby Whimsy Quilt - from Marta with Love

Baby Whimsy Quilt - from Marta with Love

Baby Whimsy Quilt - from Marta with Love

Baby Whimsy Quilt - from Marta with Love

I’m donating this quilt to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado Heart Institute for their Little Hearts silent auction and fundraiser happening later this month. I hope it sells and raises a few bucks for the deserving heart patients at Children’s.  (Ahem–speaking of raising money for Children’s Hospital of Colorado…  might I trouble you once more to vote in the Vail Ski Challenge and help them $150,000?  THANKS!!!)

Baby Whimsy Quilt - from Marta with Love

It is all wrapped up and ready for me to deliver it TODAY.  Yeow!!

P.S.  I just realized something.  This is my 13th quilt, and my first quilt of 2013!  Weeeeeeird.


  1. Phil says

    Lucky 13 baby! Me thinks Baby Whimsy suites shim well. I love the orange on the back… reminds me of white noise on fabric. Fabulous job ma dear.

  2. says

    It is gorgeous! And for such a great cause. I hope it raises a lot of money.
    I like to hand stitch the binding, but like you I get super antsy. I want to see it finished, but it is totally worth it. I love the look of hand stitched binding.

  3. Jess h says

    I love the non-uniformity of it! I hope someone buys it and donates it back to wrap around one of those sweet babes. How absolutely wonderful of you!

  4. says

    That is an adorable quilt. I hope it raises more than a few bucks! By the way, I just ordered 3 yards of Essex Linen in flax and thought of you. :-)

  5. says

    Lovely! I like how your swoon block worked out in the design as a focal point. It really makes it more special. The scrappiness is totally fun too. :)

  6. says

    I think Baby Whimsy is a great name for this awesome quilt! I love everything about it – the pattern, the layout, the fabrics, the quilting, the back, the front – seriously everything!

  7. says

    I absolutely LOVE this!! I still only have 4 blocks done on mine. Maybe I’ll turn them into multiple baby quilts too! What a creative idea!! Best part of this is that is the unit I worked at for 3 years when I was at Children’s. Thank you so much for helping out!!
    You are going to have to teach me that quilting stitch! It is beautiful!! Do you draw it on first or just wing it?

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