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  • Knit Geranium Dresses

    This week I finally took the plunge into the intimidating world of sewing with knits. I’m here to share the wisdom I gained from the…

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  • Newborn Geranium Dresses

    There isn’t much to say about these Geranium Dresses. Their cuteness renders me speechless and when I imagine my soon-to-be little lady wearing them I’m…

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  • Cobblestone Cowl

    For anyone on Pinterest who has swooned over this awesome Cobblestone Cowl and seen it pinned over and over, then clicked through only to find out…

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  • Makeup Zip Pouch

    I’ve been pretty dang productive lately, despite feeling completely overwhelmed with home-related to-dos and various life stresses.  Sewing can be such a great distraction from…

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  • Project Runway, here I come.

    Yeah, right!  But I have finally tried my hand at garment sewing.  Behold my first Tova top (don’t look too closely): My greatest triumph (besides tackling…

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