Makeup Zip Pouch

I’ve been pretty dang productive lately, despite feeling completely overwhelmed with home-related to-dos and various life stresses.  Sewing can be such a great distraction from said life stresses :)  The last week and a half alone, I sewed a top, a dress, and this little cutie:

These little pouchies (made using this Noodlehead tutorial) are super quick and easy.  The tutorial was awesome, but next time I make one I’m going to change a few things, which I think almost everyone does anyway.  The great thing about making something yourself is that your tutorial is a guideline and once you get the method down you can completely customize it to your liking.  This pouch is still a little too small for my longer blush brush and eyeshadow brush, so my next pouch will be a couple inches longer.  I also want to try making one with an oilcloth lining since I’ll be using it to hold makeup. For now, though, this one will be just fine!

My favorite part about it is the box bottom which lets it stand up.  Because what’s worse than your makeup bag tipping over and spewing your makeup all over the bathroom floor?  First, it’s just annoying because you have to pick it up, but it’s also a germaphobic nightmare.  Like, here, let me just pick my makeup off the bathroom floor and apply it to my FACE…  not.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  I’ll be posting later this week to show you the clothes I made!  In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek:


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    I’m excited for the big reveal on your tunics (or perhaps dresses?)! I think Jamie at Fancy Tiger had used that same AMH print with great success for a recent clothing item she sewed too (can’t remember whether it was dress or shirt though). I would love to use the same print in orange to make something wearable!

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    I’d missed your blog after being so happy to find it! The pouch is super cute–I wondered about lining it with something too, and oilcloth is a good idea. I noticed this weekend when I traveled that I needed a smaller little pouch for my non-liquid makeup and accoutrements. I used a ziplock bag instead. It was shameful. :(

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