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  • Greetings from a wife

    Hi! I still exist. I’m also sewing! Proof: It’s just that I’ve had some other things going on, too (marrying, honeymooning, stepmomming, grieving the loss…

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  • Terminally chill

    What’s beautiful, in pieces, and slower-going than the evolutionary stages of man? That would be my current work-in-progress quilt. Since the last time I checked in, I’ve…

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  • So in love in 2016

    I’m so in love. Although 2015 was marked by my happiest ever life moment–my best friend asking me to MARRY his dreamboat self–that’s not the love I’m…

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  • Quilting is so fawn.

    I’m a girl and I therefore thoroughly enjoy making baby girl quilts.  It’s so easy–all I have to do to ensure cuteness while designing a baby girl…

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