A quilt top + big plans for a baby [quilt]

It’s official. The fire underneath me is LIT and ROARING. I found my inspiration and motivation to finally finish a longtime labor of love:

Finally-finished quilt top!

Man, this top felt great to finish. I started it LAST JANUARY. All I need to do now is sew a backing and get it quilted up so it can live happily on our bed. I love it so.

The reason for this sudden sense of urgency? That would be a burning desire to move on to my next, most special project. Becaaaaaaaaauuuse the next quilt I make will be snuggling our own little darling starting the day she’s born. I’m SO thrilled to share that we are welcoming a baby girl into our family this August!


I’m imagining an improv log cabin number in yummy sherbet tones… 😍 She’s sure to love it.

Greetings from a wife

Hi! I still exist.

I’m also sewing! Proof:

Proof I still sew

It’s just that I’ve had some other things going on, too (marrying, honeymooning, stepmomming, grieving the loss of my soulmate dog, working, reading, breathing, loving). And amongst all this life-living my blog-writing has naturally fallen to the non-priorities list. But the start of fall shifted something, almost imperceptibly, and the wave of change and constant activity from the last few months has seemed to settle into a steady, blanketing peace the last few weeks. It feels like rest.

So here I am, saying hello and showing you how things are going on my current quilt, my wedding quilt, for which 18 of 25 blocks are DONE–oh, yeah!

Proof I still sew

Proof I still sew

Proof I still sew

Mere tiny piles are all that’s left in the to-do area!

Proof I still sew

Proof I still sew

I’ll report back once the top is finished, which should be soon.

It’s good to see you!

With Love,

All in a snow day’s work

It was one D. Umbridge who said that progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged. I beg to differ.

flying geese ready to be sewn

Sometimes the mere act of verbalizing a lack of progress gives me the boost I need to get going. Then there are those special times when the stars align and this shift in motivation coincides with a Colorado blizzard (and its resulting crash in internet service preventing me from working while stuck at home), creating the perfect storm–literal and figurative–of quilt productivity.

It turns out the snow day provided something I didn’t know I needed: some progress for the sake of progress.

snow day views

snow day views

Thankfully by the time we lost internet we had gotten enough work done to not panic, so I took it as a happy sign that the snow day must be my sew day. I got so much done! I pressed all my center star pieces, sewed said pieces together to make the center star for all 25 blocks, and cut some additional fabric for the remaining borders that will be added to my blocks.

Here’s where most of the blocks stand in their state of half-finished glory (with the last pieces of fabric that will be sewn together for borders lying on top of each finished center star):

center stars ready for borders

The fun doesn’t stop there. I actually continued along my newfound getting-shit-done path this weekend by marking and piecing all of my half-square triangles (approximately one point five bajillion), and then breaking away from pressing all those to sew together one full, finished block (for the sake of my mental health seeing just ONE DONE).

24 center stars and one finished block

Behold my future favorite block–I love the fabric combo here:

future favorite block

I’m so excited to see these all come together! But you know what they say: grunt work first, happiness later (I don’t actually know who says that). Appreciate my plight, fellow quilters, as I complete my next task of pressing and trimming half-square triangles. See you in a year…

200 HSTs to press and trim

Terminally chill

What’s beautiful, in pieces, and slower-going than the evolutionary stages of man? That would be my current work-in-progress quilt.

Since the last time I checked in, I’ve gotten as far as finishing cutting out my pieces, agonizing over print placement for a few weeks, changing up my plan and choosing a new background fabric, cutting required pieces of said background fabric, piecing a few dozen flying geese, rearranging some more, and allowing the blocks to relax on my sewing room floor indefinitely. They’re currently vacationing.

slow progress

slow progress

But little progress is still progress! With life being life right now–hasty, happy, and taking no prisoners–I’ve shifted my expectations about this quilt and relented to the likelihood that it will be a post-honeymoon finish. It is what it is, and I’m cool with it. I’m about to flatline I’m so terminally chill right now.

I hope this post finds you happy and afloat in a lazy river somewhere.