A quilt top + big plans for a baby [quilt]

It’s official. The fire underneath me is LIT and ROARING. I found my inspiration and motivation to finally finish a longtime labor of love:

Finally-finished quilt top!

Man, this top felt great to finish. I started it LAST JANUARY. All I need to do now is sew a backing and get it quilted up so it can live happily on our bed. I love it so.

The reason for this sudden sense of urgency? That would be a burning desire to move on to my next, most special project. Becaaaaaaaaauuuse the next quilt I make will be snuggling our own little darling starting the day she’s born. I’m SO thrilled to share that we are welcoming a baby girl into our family this August!


I’m imagining an improv log cabin number in yummy sherbet tones… 😍 She’s sure to love it.


  1. says

    1) Congratulations! How exciting!!!
    2) This finished beauty is amazing. There’s nothing like finishing in order to motivate me to begin something new. I love it, thanks for the inspiration.

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