Terminally chill

What’s beautiful, in pieces, and slower-going than the evolutionary stages of man? That would be my current work-in-progress quilt.

Since the last time I checked in, I’ve gotten as far as finishing cutting out my pieces, agonizing over print placement for a few weeks, changing up my plan and choosing a new background fabric, cutting required pieces of said background fabric, piecing a few dozen flying geese, rearranging some more, and allowing the blocks to relax on my sewing room floor indefinitely. They’re currently vacationing.

slow progress

slow progress

But little progress is still progress! With life being life right now–hasty, happy, and taking no prisoners–I’ve shifted my expectations about this quilt and relented to the likelihood that it will be a post-honeymoon finish. It is what it is, and I’m cool with it. I’m about to flatline I’m so terminally chill right now.

I hope this post finds you happy and afloat in a lazy river somewhere.




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