Forest Friends Baby Quilt

Oh, hello, little flannel burrito.

Forest Friends Flannel Baby Quilt

I know I speak for many quilters when I say baby quilts are my absolute favorite to sew.  They are always such happy little projects with happy little fabrics.  (And we’d all be lying if we said we don’t secretly hope the quilt we make will become “THE” BLANKIE.)

Forest Friends Flannel Baby Quilt

I used Cloud 9’s Forest Friends organic flannel for this one, which is DANG soft–enough to turn me into an organic flannel believer. It’s wonderful! I can’t adequately convey the softness without coming to your house and creepily making you rub your cheek against it, so I’ll leave you with this: if I were a baby snuggle-wrapped in this quilt, I’d be very pleased and never cry.

Forest Friends Flannel Baby Quilt

This quilt is extra special because it will be auctioned in a couple weeks by Caruso Family Charities, run by the family of one of my oldest and dearest friends, at their 2015 gala. Caruso Family Charities is a 501(c)3 Organization dedicated to supporting various family and children’s charities in my home state of Colorado. All their proceeds directly benefit families who have children living with cancer.

The Carusos are a truly beautiful family with the biggest hearts in the world. Their love is powerful and contagious and inspires the people around them to be better humans.

Forest Friends Flannel Baby Quilt

If you live in Colorado and are in the market for a super soft baby quilt, snag a ticket to the gala and place your bid! I’ll be there to say hello and creepily make you rub your cheek against it.

Forest Friends Flannel Baby Quilt

In the meantime, I’ll be working on an almost identical quilt for a friend’s baby–also from the Forest Friends collection but using the “boy” colorway (if we’re to use gender stereotypes). I’ll also be finishing knitting this BEAR of a cowl (pattern here) and hoping–yes, hoping–for just one more snowstorm so I can actually wear it before next winter. Too many tears have fallen during the making of this cowl for me to just pack it up.

Herringbone Cowl

More on that “adventure” later…

Here’s the STATS:

Happy weekend!



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