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Have you heard Google Reader is going away soon?  In light of this not-really-that-sad-in-the-greater-scheme-of-life news, I’ve made the easy switch over to Bloglovin and so far it’s great.

Do follow my blog with Bloglovin, would you?

In other news, I’ve almost got a finished quilt to show!  All it needs is a binding.

Quilted Swoon - from Marta with Love

This quilt came together using a Swoon block that’s been in my unfinished object pile for over a year.  I finally conceded that a whole 9-block Swoon quilt wasn’t in my future and decided to make the most of this pretty block by turning it into a baby quilt to donate.

Quilted Swoon - from Marta with Love

I started with the lone Swoon as my base and built the quilt top around it.  There wasn’t much intention in my process; I simply slapped it up onto my design board and laid prints around it until I found what looked good.  In two short evenings, I had my quilt top and backing all pieced up!  Then I basted and quilted in a classic infinity scroll à la Denyse Schmidt (after seeing her work in person at QuiltCon, I want to quilt all my quilts with the infinity scroll, no matter how amateur mine look by comparison!).

Tangerine Quilt Back - from Marta with Love

I really love the backing.  I’m not a big orange person, but the right shade of sherbet or tangerine can make my heart sing.  The print on the left there is Pebbles in Poppy from Lotta Jansdotter’s Bella collection.  I love it and I love all her designs.  The flying geese block you see was my very first paper pieced block from several months ago (awww).  It uses the same fabric as the Swoon on the front so I wanted to give it a home in this quilt.  I’m really putting my dormant blocks to good use!  And of course, plenty of yarn-dyed Essex Flax makes its appearance in this quilt as well.  I’m an addict.

Last on my list of “this and that” are some fun bee blocks.  I haven’t chugged a full gallon of the Scrappy Trip Around the World Kool-Aid (find #scrappytripalong on Instagram –you’ll understand what I’m referring to), but I did take a sip and really enjoyed making these two blocks for Nicke’s month in our Heal Circle.

Scrappy Trip Bee Blocks - from Marta with Love


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    This is a very awesome quilt. I love the quilting and the scrappiness. I still need to sign up to bloglovin’ but as soon as I do I will follow your blog there.

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    Those swoon blocks are totally like little mini-quilt in-and-of themselves. I love the quilting you did on this one! It looks like the loopy style quilting that Denyse Schmidt uses on many of her quilts.

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