A quilt top + big plans for a baby [quilt]

It’s official. The fire underneath me is LIT and ROARING. I found my inspiration and motivation to finally finish a longtime labor of love:

Finally-finished quilt top!

Man, this top felt great to finish. I started it LAST JANUARY. All I need to do now is sew a backing and get it quilted up so it can live happily on our bed. I love it so.

The reason for this sudden sense of urgency? That would be a burning desire to move on to my next, most special project. Becaaaaaaaaauuuse the next quilt I make will be snuggling our own little darling starting the day she’s born. I’m SO thrilled to share that we are welcoming a baby girl into our family this August!


I’m imagining an improv log cabin number in yummy sherbet tones… 😍 She’s sure to love it.

Quilting is so fawn.

I’m a girl and I therefore thoroughly enjoy making baby girl quilts.  It’s so easy–all I have to do to ensure cuteness while designing a baby girl quilt is ask myself: what would your little toddler self love if this were her quilt?  (I don’t ask what my baby self would love because babies give approximately zero f***s what is on a quilt.)

Fawn baby quilt beginnings

A former coworker friend of mine is going to be a grandma soon and asked if I would make her new little gal a quilt, so I used it as an opportunity to try out the Picnic Plaid pattern in Anna Graham’s new book, Handmade Style.

Handmade Style book

I whipped up the top in a night and instantly adored it for its simplicity:

Picnic Plaid pattern from Handmade Style

Then this past weekend I set about using the leftover strips I had from the front to make a few extra little cross blocks and incorporate them into an improv backing, along with a panel from Hawthorne Threads’ new Fawn collection which absolutely slayed me the first time I saw it.

Fawn baby quilt

(Who knew I’d amassed such an extensive collection of deer fabric?)

Fawn baby quilt

I think I’m actually going to call this the front of the quilt instead of the back.  My mister said I should make two quilts since I have two cute tops but let’s not get carried away.

Shelves from heaven

I’ve had more time lately to sew and it’s been super nice getting back to my quilting roots–I actually have time for more than just a bunch of little zip pouches!  But my next project after this quilt will be sewing up some curtains for the giant window in my happy new sewing space using a lovely blue canvas print from Anna Graham’s new line, Rain Walk, for Cloud9 Fabrics (which designer/manufacturer partnership, by the way, was conceived by fabric angels).

Rain Walk canvas for new curtains

New sewing space

Now off to finish the fawn quilt while watching an episode of Portlandia with the Netflix synopsis of: Peter and Nance prove they’ve “still got it” with an adventure on their newly purchased motorcycles–yes.

Chevron Arrows quilt {a FREE pattern}

Friends, I have designed a quilt pattern for Camelot Fabrics!  It’s called Chevron Arrows and you can snag it here for free.  I haven’t had time to sew it up yet but it’s definitely next on my list–I *love* it.  And I love Camelot Fabrics–so happy and modern.

Chevron Arrows Quilt

This pattern started out as a design for the back of my pixelated heart quilt (Instagram-quality sneak peak below) and eventually turned into its own quilt when Camelot e-mailed the same day wondering if I’d like to design a pattern for them–perfect timing!  And I think the design is even better as its own quilt rather than just a backing.

So about this pixelated heart: any ideas on how to quilt it?  I’m thinking some straight-line quilting would be pretty awesome but would love some thoughts and ideas…

Pixelated Heart

Pixelated Heart WIP

Have a great week!

There will be a quilt

Hi! Thought I’d drop in this morning and share my current quilt in progress, a FUN and bold improv log cabin I’ve worked on here and there for a couple months.

Tsuru quilt piecing by frommartawithlove, on Flickr

Tsuru quilt piecing by frommartawithlove, on Flickr

Tsuru is the most prominent collection, I guess, but it also has some Washi Tape, Bella and Glimma by Lotta Jansdotter, Kaufman yarn-dyed Essex, some Art Gallery solids, and Kona Snow.

Tsuru quilt blocks in progress by frommartawithlove, on Flickr

A peek at the quilting lines…

Tsuru quilting lines by frommartawithlove, on Flickr

And SEAMS! I love looking at the backs of quilt tops. I usually pin-baste my quilts, but used both spray and pins this time since I was working with slippery ol’ minky backing.

Tsuru quilt basting by frommartawithlove, on Flickr

So that’s my current squeeze, which I’m binding and washing and photographing and gifting to a wonderful friend and her new son. Finished quilt post to follow very soon! Yeah!

Lastly, in an effort to spice up this post, allow me to wow you with dog glamour shots.

Zeppelin’s sexy shower commercial.
Zeppelin's sexy shower commercial by frommartawithlove, on Flickr

A face only a mother could love. (I laugh so hard–what IS that face about? )
A face only a mother could love. by frommartawithlove, on Flickr

Rub a dub dub (best part of bath time).
Rub a dub dub (best part of bath time) by frommartawithlove, on Flickr

Senior pictures, duh.
Senior pictures, duh. by frommartawithlove, on Flickr

(Zep’s official senior portrait. The girls go wild!)
(Zep's official senior portrait. The girls go wild!) by frommartawithlove, on Flickr

And a ham.
And a ham. Oh, Layla. by frommartawithlove, on Flickr

Happy weekend!