Heirloom Table Runner

Happy Election Day, America!  Lots of excitement here in Colorado.  How about a nice, berry-hued table runner to greet November?

I bought a jelly roll of Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom on a discount a few months ago and finally busted it out to make a quick, non-fussy table runner for our dining table.  Our house was looking way too bland and I’ve been SO into berry hues lately that this jelly roll was screaming to be sewn.  All I did was piece together the jelly roll strips in an echo pattern from the center of the table runner, trimmed it to size and used the trimmings to help make a cute backing.

Funny story:  my HOMIE, Amy (Stitchery Dickory Dock), came over the other night and when she saw my table runner in progress she squealed a little –she made an almost IDENTICAL one for her ma last Christmas!  On the one hand, this is hilariously entertaining, but on the other hand, it’s totally expected.  She and I have these moments pretty much daily, you guys.  We realize we made something similar (or identical), we love the same obscure fabric line, we’re brewing up a similar idea, or we discover a shared a love of music or certain comedies.  I’m so glad our guild brought us together (check out her post about why to join one!).

Psst: if you look closely at my table runner you can see a section of Amy’s quilting from when she took my new IKEA sewing table for a test drive.  That woman can stipple!  Now, not only do I have an awesome table runner in my dining room, but I also have a fun memory to go with it.

When was the last time you hung out and sewed or crafted with a friend?


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    Oh! it’s gorgeous! and the back of this along with some quilts I’ve seen lately have inspired my next duvet cover idea. One of these days you’ll push me over into getting a sewing machine :). Maybe that should be my incentive to clean off my craft table!?!


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