Madrona Road Bow Clutch

Yeah, I made another clutch. Guilty as charged.

Like with all my projects, I made it with love. But this clutch (tutorial here) contains an exceptional amount of that sweet ingredient. It’s for my beautiful friend, Nicke, who just lost her mom.

Nicke is in the Heal Circle of the do.Good Stitches charity quilting bee with me, and October also happened to be her month in the circle. Rather than just send her a couple blocks and call it a day, I decided to package her blocks in an extra special shipping container :)

Nicke has been a phenomenal leader of our circle, and her huge heart makes her that much more deserving of some extra love and support during her own tough time.  Not only is Nicke one of the kindest people I know, but she’s edgy and speaks her mind, which I LOVE.  Her sharp tongue and wit crack me up on a daily basis, and her realness is infectious and refreshing.

Nicke loves modern fabrics, so I chose Morning Glory in Charcoal from Violet Craft’s Madrona Road as the main print and Kona Berry for the bow and strap (the same Kona Berry I used to bind my Heirloom table runner –I’m a berry/purple FREAK lately).  The lining is Sketch in Citron by Timeless Treasures.

Of course, I also made her the bee blocks she requested this month: Japanese “x and plus” blocks. She sent us a PDF of the dimensions she wanted for 13″ blocks and requested they be SUPER duper scrappy.  You’ll notice I used more berry hues in Nicke’s blocks.  I can’t. get. enough.

Side note: while I absolutely love the black and white chevron print from Ann Kelle’s Remix line, I have to look away while I’m ironing a bigger piece because the print is so psychedelic it makes me physically sick if I look at it for too long!  Talk about a visceral connection to your craft, man.

I hope you’ll be inspired to make a little something for a friend you care about this holiday season, even if it’s something small. I’ve been on the receiving end of some pretty thoughtful gifts in my day, so I know how absolutely touching it is to open a handmade gift and bask in the love that comes with it.


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    Beautiful clutch! I really like the bow and might have to copy that sometime. The second plus block is my favorite. I really feel drawn to that psychedelic black and white print too!

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