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Leather zip pouch

I finally tried my hand at sewing leather!

Leather zip pouch

Easy peasy. So how I did it was, I read a couple tips on sewing with leather, and then didn’t follow them.

Leather zip pouch

Tip #1: sew with a leather needle.
I didn’t have one so used my quilting needle and all was fine with the world.

Tip #2: don’t iron.
I “[didn’t] see the harm–the seam must be pressed!” and regretted it immediately. It scrunched in a gruesome fashion. My tip to you: follow Tip #2.

Leather zip pouch

I should add the circumstances under which my fabric turned into a disgusting jerky-like serial killer fantasy: I used a synthetic leather and had the steam turned on (protected with a piece of fabric in between my iron and the leather, but still). You might have different results sans steam but I doubt it because the leather softens under the heat, which is what causes the scrunch. I’d just use some [very carefully sewn] topstitching to flatten that seam instead.

As for the leather needle, I’d expect it to come in more handy with genuine leather (which, if you know where to buy some online at a decent price, please let me know!), but still plan on trying my regular needle first.

Simple gift wrap

In case you’re wondering, the above is how I like to wrap smaller handmade gifts for friends (this one’s for a longtime friend whose birthday was last week). I save the thick black tissue paper that comes when you order MAC makeup and usually use that, but loved this magenta from somewhere else so used it instead. Tied with a thin strip of fabric and it ends up looking super cute. No need to buy little baggies or wrapping paper.

So there you go. My first experience with sewing leather. If you have any questions, person reading this who won’t totally ignore the advice, let me know. Have a great week!

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  • Katie

    This is the prettiest bag ever. I can’t believe what talent you have!! Thank you so much for the best gift. I love you so dearly.

    January 5, 2015 at 12:12 pm Reply
  • Jessica

    Ha! I wondered why you shouldn’t iron leather. Now I know! I have a piece from a leather place in Colorado Springs. I haven’t been yet, but I hear they have a lot of options! Tandy Leather, I think?

    January 5, 2015 at 2:43 pm Reply
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