I hardly know where to start with my praise of this pattern. As you can see, I’ve made the Super Tote by Anna Graham of Noodlehead, and brace yourselves for the cliché because here it comes: it’s just. as super. as its name. SUGGESTS!

Super Tote - from Marta with Love

Super Tote - from Marta with Love

Super Tote - from Marta with Love

Super Tote - from Marta with Love

Super Tote - from Marta with Love

Super Tote - from Marta with Love

Super Tote - from Marta with Love



  • The fanciness. Gusset, magnetic snaps, piping, zippered lining, elastic pockets. This isn’t some onesie twosie bag. It’s top-notch, and so useful.
  • The instructions. As with all her tutorials and patterns, you can’t go wrong with the clear instructions Anna gives. If you’re feeling intimidated, don’t! Take this baby step by step and you’ll be fine (not that there’s any way to sew something other than step by step, unless you have a wand?)
  • The size. The bigger the better, as they say.

Things I did to it:

  • Instead of adding an elastic pocket to both sides of the lining, I did the elastic pocket on one side and a zippered pocket on the other side. This was my first time making a zippered lining pocket, and here’s the info I used for guidance.
  • Instead of doing a facing for the outside pocket, I did a sort of “faux” facing, which is actually just a pocket lining with a strip of different fabric pieced at the top to look like a facing.
  • Shortened the main lining zipper so it doesn’t stick out as much.
  • Interfaced the heck out of it.

Hardest part:

  • Picking out the fabrics.

Easiest part:

  • The piping! Seriously. I don’t know what I’d feared.


Go make one!!


  1. Kim says

    Marta, this is adorable! I especially love that it has a zipper and the elastic pockets inside are a great addition. Nicely done~

  2. says

    I need a new bag and I love Anna’s patterns. I should just give it a go, but it’s going to have to wait until post wedding and camping. BOO!

  3. says

    This is adorable! I’ll have to try the pattern – I always make bags without a pattern and they turn out rather homemade looking, but this one has such nice details! Especially love the box pleat that give you the extra space.

  4. says

    I love how sturdy yours looks- I am beginning the pattern (my first “real” bag!) and am wondering if you could be so kind to tell me what kind of interfacings you used to give me an idea :) Thanks-

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